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Diet and Depression: Foods and nutrients for recovery

By Jon Johnson | Reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD Last reviewed Sun 16 July 2017 Depression is a prevalent mental health illness throughout the world, causing negative thoughts and behaviors in those who experience it. Many people with depression seek natural treatments for their symptoms, in one form or another. While there is no […]

The Blind Men and the Elephant

John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887) It was six men of Indostan To learning much inclined, Who went to see the Elephant (Though all of them were blind), That each by observation Might satisfy his mind. The First approached the Elephant, And happening to fall Against his broad and sturdy side, At once began to bawl: “God […]

18 Awesome Career Choices That Most College Kids Have No Idea About

Max Nisen Business insider A grim job market and crushing student debt have many people second guessing their higher education decisions. Nearly half of recent grads regret choosing their school or major. A recent Reddit thread asked for some great careers that college kids have no idea even exist. Here are some of the best potential […]

13 habits of self-made millionaires, from a man who spent 5 years studying rich people

Kathleen Elkins, Business Insider Mar. 17, 2016, 12:08 PM All self-made millionaires had to start somewhere. Much of their transformation from ordinary to seven-figure status can attributed to “rich habits,” a term coined by Thomas C. Corley, who spent five years researching the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires. “From my research, I discovered that […]

Getting Help

Here is a good quote from Amanda Palmer in  The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help.  It illustrates the point well that it is best to get help early, instead of waiting until things are so bad you are forced to… “A farmer is sitting on his porch […]

Tips About Suicidal Youth

This article can be found at http://www.apa.org/pubs/newsletters/access/2013/05-07/suicidal-youth.aspx Suicidal Youth and Their Families: Overcoming Barriers to Receiving Help Nadine Kaslow, PhD, 2013 President-Elect, American Psychological Association Setting the Stage Top Takeaways 1. Be knowledgeable about the truths that dispel the common myths about teen suicide. • It is the third-leading cause of death for 10-24 year olds. […]

EEG Biofeedback in the Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

This nice article by Patrick N. Friel, BS found in Alternative Medicine Review (Vol 12, No 2, 2007) not only talks about how neurofeedback can be helpful for ADHD, but is a good general introduction to help you better understand neurofeedback: EEG Biofeedback – ADHD

Overly critical parenting linked with persistent ADHD in kids

Ariana Eunjung Cha (The Washington Post, February 9, 2016) If you’ve ever plopped down on your bed exhausted after chasing around your inattentive and hyperactive kid all day and wondered with self-doubt — “Could it possibly be me?” — a new study gives some credence to your worst fears. While scientists still haven’t determined the […]

Study may show whether neurofeedback helps people with ADHD and other disorders

By Katherine Ellison (Special to The Washington Post, Tuesday, December 15, 2009) Gulf War veteran Lynn Gibbons has awful memories of combat with her fourth-grade son, Brent. “He was an out-of-control monster whenever you asked him to do something,” the former Air Force computer operations officer recalls. Brent, who had received a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Adapted from Mayo Clinic Resources Exercise Your Mind: Just as physical activity keeps your body strong, mental activity keeps your mind sharp and agile. Challenging your mind will keep it at its sharpest. Some ways to keep your mind challenged include learning to play a musical instrument, reading, interacting with people, doing crossword puzzles, playing […]

How to improve the social status of an anxious rat

by Tim Newman (Medical News Today, Saturday 5 Dec 2015) A groundbreaking study has identified a brain region in rats that, when stimulated by vitamin B3, makes them less anxious and more socially successful. It goes without saying that individuals within a society (rats or humans) have differing levels of confidence and anxiety. Some view […]

Girls from Depressed Families Have Greater Stress Responses

as presented in Monitor on Psychology January 2015 pp. 19-20 from Molecular Psychiatry, online Sept 30, 2015) Girls from families with a history of depression appear to have greater stress responses and shorter telomeres – a marker for aging – than their low-risk peers, according to research by psychologists at Stanford, Northwestern University and the […]