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EEG Biofeedback in the Treatment of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

This nice article by Patrick N. Friel, BS found in Alternative Medicine Review (Vol 12, No 2, 2007) not only talks about how neurofeedback can be helpful for ADHD, but is a good general introduction to help you better understand neurofeedback: EEG Biofeedback – ADHD

Study may show whether neurofeedback helps people with ADHD and other disorders

By Katherine Ellison (Special to The Washington Post,¬†Tuesday, December 15, 2009) Gulf War veteran Lynn Gibbons has awful memories of combat with her fourth-grade son, Brent. “He was an out-of-control monster whenever you asked him to do something,” the former Air Force computer operations officer recalls. Brent, who had received a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity […]

Home Use Biofeedback Equipment

Troy Todd, Ph.D., BCN The home-use biofeedback devices are usually not as sophisticated or flexible as those in a provider’s office, but usually this is not necessary if you select the right device for your goals. There are two classifications of biofeedback: peripheral (usually just referred to as “biofeedback”) and neuro-feedback. Most of the home […]