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How to improve the social status of an anxious rat

by Tim Newman (Medical News Today, Saturday 5 Dec 2015) A groundbreaking study has identified a brain region in rats that, when stimulated by vitamin B3, makes them less anxious and more socially successful. It goes without saying that individuals within a society (rats or humans) have differing levels of confidence and anxiety. Some view […]

Sleep Hygiene Techniques

Troy Todd, PhD, BCN 1. Go To Bed Only When You Are Sleepy: There is no reason to go to bed if you are not sleepy. Going to bed too early encourages you to ponder the events of the day, think of the next day’s schedule, or worry about your inability to fall to sleep. […]

Key Ingredients for Relaxation

There’s no one “magic” relaxation technique–different people prefer different methods. There are, however, several key ingredients that are important to consider as part of relaxation training: # 1 Passive Attitude: Very often people try to force themselves to relax, or they are determined to master the technique faster or more completely than anybody else. These […]

Overcoming Nightmares

Troy Todd, Ph.D., BCN These two steps-control of the dream and providing for your needs- can be done in any order to be successful… start with the one that is easiest to accomplish: Control of the Dream: 1. remind yourself just before you go to bed, that you are going to take some control over […]

Tips on Pain Managment

Troy Todd, Ph.D., BCN Our natural tendency is to want to eliminate and prevent all pain. If we cannot eliminate or prevent it, we at least seek to predict it. This applies to physical as well as emotional pain. Usually, pain alerts us to situations that are damaging to us, so by eliminating and preventing […]

Diaphragmatic Breathing

1. Sit in a comfortable position 2. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest 3. Try to breathe so that only your stomach rises and falls As you inhale, concentrate on your chest remaining relatively still while your stomach rises. It may be helpful for you to imagine that your […]

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Both diaphragmatic breathing and the CALM exercise are helpful for breaking up stress when it starts to occur. Sometimes, though, they do not produce the deep level of relaxation that is desired. Other times, they are not enough to break up stress (for example, when it is very intense). For such times, progressive muscle relaxation […]

Facts About Sleep

1. Myth: Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep. Fact: Eight hours is only the average. Sleep needs range from 3 hours to over 10 hours. Think back to before you developed insomnia. How much sleep did you need to feel refreshed and rested at that time (fill in amount here: ______hours)? This number will be […]