Feelings List

by Doug Weiss, Ph.D.

This is a useful introductory exercise for those struggling to understand and express feelings:

Feelings list

I feel (put word here) when (put a present situation when you feel this).

I first remember feeling (put the same feeling word here) when (explain earliest occurrence of this feeling)

Abandoned Battered Considerate Distrusted Goofy Abused Beaten Consumed Disturbed Grateful Aching Beautiful Content Dominated Greedy Accepted Belligerent Cool Domineering Grief Accused Belittled Courageous Doomed Grim Accepting Bereaved Courteous Doubtful Grimy Admired Betrayed Coy Dreadful Grouchy Adored Bewildered Crabby Eager Grumpy Adventurous Blamed Cranky Ecstatic Hard Affectionate Blaming Crazy Edgy Harried Agony Bonded Creative Edified Hassled Alienated Bored Critical Elated Healthy Aloof Bothered Criticized Embarrassed Helpful Aggravated Brave Cross Empowered Helpless Agreeable Breathless Crushed Empty Hesitant Aggressive Bristling Cuddly Enraged High Alive Broken-up Curious Enraptured Hollow Alone Bruised Cut Enthusiastic Honest Alluring Bubbly Damned Enticed Hopeful Amazed Burdened Dangerous Esteemed Hopeless Amused Burned Daring Exasperated Horrified Angry Callous Dead Excited Hostile Anguished Calm Deceived Exhilarated Humiliated Annoyed Capable Deceptive Exposed Hurried Anxious Captivated Defensive Fake Hurt Apart Carefree Delicate Fascinated Hyper Apathetic Careful Delighted Feisty Ignorant Apologetic Careless Demeaned Ferocious Ignored Appreciated Caring Demoralized Foolish Immature Appreciative Cautious Dependent Forced Impatient Apprehensive Certain Depressed Forceful Important Appropriate Chased Deprived Forgiven Impotent Approved Cheated Deserted Forgotten Impressed Argumentative Cheerful Desirable Free Incompetent Aroused Childlike Desired Friendly Incomplete Astonished Choked-up Despair Frightened Independent Assertive Close Despondent Frustrated Insecure Attached Cold Destroyed Full Innocent Attacked Comfortable Different Funny Insignificant Attentive Comforted Dirty Furious Insincere Attractive Competent Disenchanted Gay Isolated Aware Competitive Disgusted Generous Inspired Awestruck Complacent Disinterested Gentle Insulted Badgered Complete Dispirited Genuine Interested Baited Confident Distressed Giddy Intimate Bashful Confused Distrustful Giving Intolerant Involved Panicked Respected Starved Uncomfortable Irate Paralyzed Restless Stiff Under control Irrational Paranoid Revolved Stimulated Understanding Irked Patient Riled Stifled Understood Irresponsible peaceful Rotten Strangled Undesirable Irritable Pensive Ruined Strong Unfriendly Irritated Perceptive Sad Stubborn Ungrateful Isolated Perturbed Safe Stuck Unified Jealous Phony Satiated Stunned Unhappy Jittery Pleasant Satisfied Stupid Unimpressed Joyous Pleased Scared Subdued Unsafe Lively Positive Scolded Submissive Unstable Lonely Powerless Scorned Successful Upset I Loose Present Scrutinized Suffocated Uptight Lost Precious Secure Sure Used Loving Pressured Seduced Sweet Useful Low Pretty Seductive Sympathy Useless Lucky Proud Self-centered Tainted Unworthy Lustful Pulled apart Self-conscious Tearful Validated Mad Put down Selfish Tender Valuable Maudlin Puzzled Separated Tense Valued Malicious Quarrelsome Sensuous Terrific Victorious Mean Queer Sexy Terrified Violated Miserable Quiet Shattered Thrilled Violent Misunderstood Raped Shocked Ticked Voluptuous Moody Ravished Shot down Tickled Vulnerable Morose Ravishing Shy Tight Warm Mournful Real Sickened Timid Wary Mystified Refreshed Silly Tired Weak Nasty Regretful Sincere Tolerant Whipped Nervous Rejected Sinking Tormented Whole Nice Rejuvenated Smart Torn Wicked Numb Rejecting Smothered Tortured Wild Nurtured Relaxed Smug Touched Willing Nuts Relieved Sneaky Trapped Wiped out Obsessed Remarkable Snowed Tremendous Wishful Offended Remembered Soft Tricked Withdrawn Open Removed Solid Trusted Wonderful Ornery Repulsed Solitary Trustful Worried Out of control Repulsive Sorry Trusting Worthy Overcome Resentful Spacey Ugly Wounded Overjoyed Resistant Special Unacceptable Young Overpowered Responsible Spiteful Unapproachable Zapped Overwhelmed Responsive Spontaneous Unaware Pampered Repressed Squelched Uncertain

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