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since I have started treatment with you I have notice alot of difference in my anxiety and depression. The most change is that I am able to face my problems with a logical view and clear mind instead of being so overwhelmed and doing nothing. So thank you so much for all you do.

I thank you for helping me when I needed It most! You have been great.

Thank you for all you have done for her in such a short time.

We are so happy with Dr. Todd and how he is helping our 2 college students. Would recommend this to anyone needing Nerofeedback!

thanks for such a positive and easy to understand website

I can't adequately express how much the neurofeedback treatments that I had with you have helped me

You've provided us with some very useful tools moving ahead and we highly appreciate the sessions we've had from you.

We're very grateful for your help.  You've done so much for our family.  Thank you!

thank you for all the advice and support. i truly appreciate it.

Thank you for helping me through some rough times and doing so much to help my family.

With Dr. Todd you will see results quickly.

Thank you for all you have done- meeting with you is VERY helpful

I can't believe how much good your skillful and caring efforts have done for me, or how quickly.

You have truly bee a blessing for my family and i

I think the person I sent to you has made some significant improvement with your help.  Thank you!!!

Thank you for helping our family.

thanks so much for your wise help

He's really great with kids and adolescents, too!

The bowler I sent you bowled almost 100 pins over his highest series, shattering his goal.  You are amazing sir.

You've made a WORLD of difference though, changed how I see things 180 degrees time and again and made life enjoyable instead of subverting to be drudged through. Thank you!!!

Great job with the athlete I sent you.  Thank you.

Thanks for your help. We appreciate your expertise.

Thanks for all the help you've given. You've made a big difference.

Your advice and guidance has a been a huge blessing in our home. You always lead us in the right direction.

I think you're really good at what you do. Thank you for your time and patience with us as a couple.

a remarkable counselor who made helped my family so much during some very difficult times. I highly recommend him as an individual therapist especially with teens and adults.

The time I spent with you was invaluable, particularly since I had never participated in any type of counseling prior to seeing you; I appreciated your unbiased and objective perspective.

I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job! Thank you for this much needed support.

Since working with you, we have had the best 1 1/2 years of our marriage! Thank you.

Thanks for rebuilding my ability to be confident again.

thank you for your continuous help an support through all my challenges and struggles. You have helped me become a stronger and better person.

we have really appreciated how you've helped us out

you have had a positive impact on me and my career.

I highly recommend him as an individual therapist especially with teens and adults.

I appreciate your no-nonsense approach. You encourage action and recognition of progress rather than dwelling on the negative...not easy, but important!

I appreciate your style of therapy, which I think I would describe as 'get it figured out and get to work,' with a whole lot of validation and acceptance during the process.

I'm more confident than ever that we have made the right decision in coming to you.

When you think you have it figured it out, Dr. Todd puts you in check and makes you think about things in a logical way. A way that a person that is in therapy needs to hear it - how things "really are" not how they appear to be.

I have learned so much about myself and very specific approaches I can take to achieve happiness. This has helped change me life!

I feel like my son is making some real, lasting progress.

I feel your knowledge and experience were especially beneficial to us because we were able to ask questions and learn new ways of managing the relationship. I felt like you really cared about us and our future. Thank-you very much for your time and great effort.

Thanks for all your help, I feel like I've been progressing a lot.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through so much. I appreciate you for helping me and advising me and guiding me into the right direction.

Thanks. You're definitely making a difference.

...so worth it.

We appreciate all you done & continue to do!

Dr. Todd can help you. Its as simple as that.

Dr. Todd is the best! He is understanding and help you self-discover to greatly increase the quality of your life. I trust and highly recommend him!

Dr. Todd will help you out. No matter what your issue is... Stress, depression or an obsession with iguanas. Very happy for his existence in the field of psychology.

I’ve learned many techniques that have helped me work through issues in my life and aid me in my resolve to rebuild my life. I’ve found healing and peace that I wasn't sure was possible, getting so much more out of life now and in the future. Dr. Todd does an excellent job of tailoring his approach to the unique needs of each situation to get problems understood and resolved.

My legs tried to lock up in the last part of my race, but I was able to keep my mind from focusing on it. I ended up finishing the race with a faster time than I had last season!

Before working with you I found it rather easy to think of things such as “What if I do bad?” or “What if I don’t hit the times coach wants?” Now my anxiety levels before races and workouts have gone way down. I used to be so nervous I could barely get to the finish line, but now I am much more relaxed and confident in my abilities.

We are grateful to have found Dr. Todd and would recommend him to anyone. He has helped the two of us improve our marriage by helping us understand our husband/wife “language” barrier. We now communicate much more effectively and are making real progress as a couple!

I am learning to not stress and how to effectively focus. Thank you so much for your counseling and coaching. I have really benefited.

I have been in and out of therapy for several years. I have seen a dozen different therapists in that time. Dr. Todd is simply the best therapist I have ever met. He has the education, the experience, and most importantly he is a good, caring man.

Thanks for your help Dr. Todd. We just recommended your service to a couple other folks.

Thanks for all you do for our family. Meeting with you is really making a difference.

Dr. Todd has been very helpful in many aspects of my life and I'd recommend him to anyone who asks.

I cannot thank you enough for all the work you have done with our program. They are truly reaping the benefits and really enjoying the sport.

I appreciate the work you do and have recommended you to several others.

I can sleep at night now without getting nervous before a race. I have gained confidence in my abilities and have finally been able to perform well! I’m less stressed in every aspect of my life.

I appreciate your help you're an Awesome Doctor!