Tips for Better Performance in Competition

Troy Todd, Ph.D., BCN

Anticipate what will distract you in competition. Resolve not to attend to it.

Remind yourself what you have done to prepare for the competition

Focus on slow, deep breathing before warming up for the competition. This will help your body prepare while giving your mind something to occupy itself with.

Remember why you participate in your sport.

Do not allow your personal reason to become clouded by outside pressures.

Imagine yourself succeeding in the competition. Reject images of failure, injury, and other negative occurrences, while accepting these are possibilities in any competition.

While in competition, recognize and acknowledge any pain. Quickly assess it, defaulting to an attitude that it is likely not serious, and quickly shift your mind back to your objective.

Consider yourself the expert. Listen to coaches and team mates, but reference yourself as the expert in your skill area. Ignore fans and opponents.