Using Rewards With Your Child

Many parents use rewards to try to change a child’s behavior. For example, you’ve probably said, “If you clean your room today, you can have pizza for dinner!” or “When you finish your homework, then you can visit your friend.” There are many things you can use for rewards, and most don’t cost any money. The best rewards are probably the things your child likes to do in his or her spare time. Check out the list below see if they might work for your child.

Having a friend stay overnight

Choosing what is for dinner

Staying up fifteen minutes later than usual

Going on a walk with Mom or Dad

Having a friend over to play

Selecting a movie to rent

Fifteen minutes of “special time” with Mom or Dad

Having a friend over for dinner

Mom or Dad does one of the child’s chores for the day

Getting to pick a favorite food on the next grocery trip

Going to visit a friend during the day

Rental of a video game

Going to a friend’s house for the night

One penny (or nickel or dime, etc.)

A smiley sticker (or some other sticker that s/he likes)

Having Mom or Dad read to him or her fifteen minutes

Going to the pet store to look at pets

Choosing the screensaver for the family computer

Buying a small toy